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We the People believing in American TeamWork, working together as a team we can build America into being the Leader in the 5G world. Just like Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan & Chase once accomplished, by working together. After 40 years of declining are supply chain has become dependent on foreign governments supplies. We must come together and rebuild America.  Rebuilding bridges and 5G Towers starting in the heart land and from sea to shining sea. New battery operated cars to where NASCAR wants to race them. We all know that Americans love their muscle cars. Come On Big 3 AutoMakers, get your engineers making us some muscle battery operated cars, that can go 500 miles. Using nothing but USA labor and parts, we must Rebuild the working class. 

Scientist work with the farmers on what crops can be grown in the new environment and giving the farmers the optimal time to grow crops, we need to keep feeding America. Farmers can grow any crop for profit, they just need to know what crop will be profitable. This how we can rebuild our farm communities, let's work TOGETHER. 

Professional sports leagues have excellent health care and wages using a salary cap system, by adjusting some numbers. Why can't  the sick, homelessness, low wage workers, young adults, and reformed parolees can achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. A 1st step program were housing, credit building mentorship, job training and placement will be established. All workers will have some form of documentation. No more raids, putting people in cages, exploitation, abused, or killed. 

Having community policing, where Protect and Serve is practice and not just lip service. Profiling is removed from being practice. Where new opportunities for intrastate trade can be accomplished by legalizing Weed and Gambling nationwide.

The corporate bottom line will still flourishes the adjustment start from net profit up, ensuring that companies can grow, entrepreneurship will expand.  When We the People United and not Fight.

The American Dream can be achieved by EVERYONE

We Can Do This. Everyone giving a FAIR SHAKE in 2020, not a Hand Out. 

Motto: For God didn't gives us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline 

I was born & raised in Homestead PA, Whitaker PA Projects. Attended W. Mifflin North High 77-79 Graduated Steel Valley Sr. HIgh c/o 80. I was a local paper boy Pittsburgh Press. Worked with youth in Homestead Pa and coach little league  79, 80, 83. Player coach Young Life Softball team 80 -82, while attending, Computer System Institute (Asst. Degree) 80- 82 and worked as a  Porter at Joseph Hornes Co. while  Attended Robert Morris University 82-84. After my Mom passed away from breast cancer in Nov 84.  I enlisted in the US Army and served 8yr 10 mo active duty, as a 92Y, Logistical Manager (S-4). While serving I obtained several medal and Achievement awards and was a BNCOC Honor Grad 92, having overseas tours in Germany, Honduras, &  received a deacon in training letter, while in S. Korea. After receiving a Honorable Discharge (sole-parent), I moved to Columbus Ohio 94. Bio father of a son, daughter and 1 son from a divorce marriage. While in Columbus Ohio i was ordained as an Deacon in 1996 from Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, also after work I coached Little league baseball and football, in the Linden area of Columbus OH 94-02, Volunteer HSFB coach, video at Linden Mckinley 02-03, Volunteer HSFB coach, stats, clock operator at Eastmoor Academy High School 07-19. 

I also was a subcontractor and a restaurateur. Having been knock down, sleeping in the shelter, going to food pantry and kitchen. You learn what programs really work and what doesn't. My experiences have taught me valuable lesson, to which this will help the nation as a whole. I know the struggle, We the people have a true voice, and not just LIP SERVICE. I'm running for President, in the November General Election, so that we all can eat!

Please Donated two and fews will add up.

Thank You God Bless You and The USA

Phillip A. Sharpe Sr. 

Independent Candidate for President of these United States of America 








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